The Girls!

These are a few more drawings I did as part of the 4forFUN project! Here I selected a few female characters, which by itself is a category with lots of appeal and interest. I see more and more artists whose primary focus are on female drawings and portraits. Over the web it seems a natural trend. 

Although I know the power of female characters - just see the amount of female lead characters in Disney movies - I tend to draw varied archetypes, and maybe gravitate around comic / funny types for cartoon drawing most of the times. Especially animal types are a subject I'm usually inclined to. I also love traditional fantasy illustration, something a seldomly have the chance to get involved professionally, but I like it a lot, specially, pen drawing. But that's something for another post.

I, off course, also love female characters myself, but don't get the chance to draw them a lot. When it comes to animating it, it's definitely one of the hardest subjects to do properly! So this time I tried to capture a bit of the female beauty in those designs. They are quite finished, but not really developed, I didn't try variations or real development, just went directly for the "illustration" type of design. I did the drawings traditionally, and cleaned them up on paper, then applied digital color on PS. Further developing some of those characters are definitely part of my plans for the future. It has being a load of fun, though. Hope you are well, and a Happy New Year to all you guys!

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